Dunbar, William

April 27th, 2010

William A. “Will” Dunbar, age 23, a long-time Wilmington resident, died unexpectedly at home on Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

Born in Winchester, MA on December 6 1986, Will was the beloved son of William T. Dunbar and his partner Marlaina Pratt of Wilmington and Roberta Bielasz of Florida. Will was very active in sports and loved to play soccer. He was a graduate of Wilmington High School Class of 2005.

Will was a landscaper for All Star Landscaping in Woburn for several years and more recently worked as a Lube Tech for Jiffy Lube in Wilmington. He loved motorcycles, music, and going into the clubs in Boston with his friends. He will be fondly remembered for his great smile, big heart, and his kind and caring nature to those around him. He was a good friend to many and he will be sorely missed.

Will was the brother of Melissa Loiselle of Burlington, nephew of Estelle Burdick and Priscilla Loiselle both of Burlington, Rebecca Morgan of Tewksbury, Marie Dunbar and Lisa Dunbar both of Wilmington, grandson of the late Joanna and Colon Dunbar and Barbara Bielasz-Lander, Will is further survived by many cousins and friends.

Family & friends will gather at the Nichols Funeral Home, Inc., 187 Middlesex Ave. (Rte. 62), Wilmington on Monday, May 3rd at 9:00 a.m. followed by a Funeral Mass at St. Dorothy’s Church, Main St., Wilmington at 10:00 a.m. Interment Wildwood Cemetery. Visiting hours Sunday, May 2nd from 5-8 p.m.

Memorial donations in Will’s name may be made to the William A. Dunbar Memorial Fund, c/o Eastern Bank, 370 Main St., Wilmington, MA 01887.


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  1. Sara McNeil says:

    Rest in Peace Will <3 Gone but never forgotten I will always remember you, always happy & a big smile on your face. You gave the best hugs!!! My heart goes out to your family and the ones who held you closest. Gone way to soon. Love ya Buddy. I'll see you again someday<3

  2. Stephanie DiLorenzo says:

    Will…I still can’t believe is so unreal too me :’( it’s been awhile since i seen you from the days/nights we chilled all the time& I’ve missed you ..damnn i miss it even more now that i know i cant see you untill i get up there ..i will NEVER forget those times or those words you always told me ..I’m glad we took sooo many pictures together! rest in peace hunny<3 When i get up there I will be chillin on that cloud with you ;) I LOVE YOU – xoxo

  3. Ashley Marinaccio says:

    Rest In Peace Baby! Cant Believe This Is Real. I Love You So Much. You Are Loved In So Many Ways And You Have Alot Of People Who Really Care About You And Love You So Very Much. Im Going To Miss Your Big Beat Hugs. You Would Always Squeeze Me So Tight I Would Yell Because It Hurt And You Would Laugh lol. I Am So Glad I Have Someone So Perfect And So Handsome In My Life. I Will Never Stop Loving You Baby No Matter What. Always Missed But Never Forgotten. See You Soon Baby Love You So Much <3 Your Boo Face

  4. Amy Sinclair says:

    Will, Your always knew how to put a smile on everyone’s face. Every time I would get my oil change we would laugh and joke about the silliest things. You were an amazing friend wit the biggest heart. The times at my house when we all would just laugh for hours and have the funniest times take the funniest pictures. oh man . ill never forget them . You gave the most amazing hugs that would make anyones day and i just wish i could have one of those right now. I am lost right now but trying to keep my head up and smile on because i know that’s what you always wanted. everyone happy and everyone smiling. Watch over all of us . We all miss you so much already<3 My heart goes out to your family and all of you close friends* Always remember never ever forgotten. love ya always. <3

  5. sam jackson says:

    rest easy will. you were like an older brother to me. <3 you will be missed by many. you always had a smile on your face and had some way to cheer people up <3 rest in peace

  6. Brittany Mercer says:

    Willl, i cant get over the fact that this is has happen to such a goood person and you always knew how brighthen up everybodys day when they saw you and never forget time i first meet you. its so unreal :( rest in peace i will never will forget you and your crazy self. always and forever!<3

  7. FRIEND says:


  8. jeff landry says:

    damn kid its gettin more real each day its been a while since we seen each other but all i can think about is back in the day chillin all the time and i dunno its not good bye its see you later save me a spot till we meet again rip

  9. Maria Tucker says:

    Honestly, I cant seem to keep myself together, I’m so lost without you. I love and miss you so much! I can’t believe this happened to such an amazing person. I feeel like half my heart is gone. I dont know how im gunnna get through this at all. I’d give anything to bring you back again, ANYTHING! You were my bestfriend in the world and I just feel so lost without you. My life is never gunna be the same, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DOON Rest In Peace <3 watch out for everyone cause we’re alll gunna neeed it.

  10. steve parisi says:

    Will, my brother, you will never be forgotten. I love you and will miss you forever. You waited so long to see the baby and when she came you left us so please watch over her and us and i wish everything was different. My heart goes out to Bill and Marlaina and your new little sister that will never really know how amazing you were. Tabby loves you and misses you too.

  11. samantha miara says:

    will, you were such an awesome guy with a huge heart! anytime i think of you i just picture you with a huuge smile on your face :] .. i went to your house yesterday & it was so quiet it was unreal.. i still cant even believe this happend. i know we didnt chill much anymore but we use to back in the day and wen i talked to you at jiffy lube 2 weeks ago you were so happy and i was so proud of u, i dont even want to believe this is real. ill always remember u will .. no matter what.. love you <3

  12. Ashley Lanpher says:

    Damn dunbar, i cant believe this is for real. im gonna miss you so much youve been my favorite boyy since i was like 14 years old. chillin with you was always a good time and you always knew had to put me in a good mood. rest easy dunbrezzzyyy <3 you deserve it kidd. love&miss you forever. xo

  13. tim coates says:

    will i will always miss you i wil never forget all the cray times we had together like down at the lake or just chilling at your crib sleep overs in the back yard in the tent!!!!!!!



  14. Jenn Bowen says:

    RIP Will i wish i got to know you better youll be missed

  15. Lisa Minichiello says:

    RIP baby. i cant stop thinking of all the good times we had togther. we didnt care about anything. we used to have so much fun. we all grew up and moved our own ways but no matter what i could stop by ur house and see u and it was like no time had passed. its was like it was still back in the day. Will im gunna miss u sooooo much. and life will not b the same for any of us without you xoxox

  16. Kayla Malone says:

    Will, I only knew you for a short time, but for the time that I did, I knew that you were an amazing person. You always had the biggest smile on your face, no matter what. It’s hard to believe that you are really gone, and I will not get to know you even more. I feel lucky to have known you for the time that I did. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and loved ones. Rest easy Will* always loved, never forgotten*

  17. Jessica Rola says:

    Gone but NEVER forgotten, you touched so many peoples lives an the memories you gave us will live on forever<3 rest easy, watch over us angle<3

  18. Jessica Lecesse says:

    My thoughts and deepest sympathy are with your family and friends, Will. You were a very genuine and sweet person and you will never be forgotten.

  19. Brittany G says:

    Will, we just became friends again after a huge fight.. I really cant believe this.. Crazy times together.. whenever I was upset i’d always call you going to miss you RIP. ( watch over me boy)<3

  20. Friends says:

    To Will’s Family,
    Our thoughts and prayers to you all during this most difficult, trying time.
    Eventually, when you think of Will it will be with smiles and laughter. He always had a big smile for everyone. That’s what we’ll remember most.
    R.I.P. Dunbar.

  21. Jenn Brown says:

    To my favorite Dunkin’s guy back in the day.. You always had a smile & you would yell at me for calling you Dunbar…… You will be missed by everyone & I hope that you watch over your friends and family, especially Tucker… Looks to me like they need a guardian angel like you…. You are loved and sorely missed by all. You brightness flows through all like a ray of sunshine. Watch over us all. Goodbye Will You will be missed……….

  22. Meredith Harvey says:

    I miss you will, can’t believe this is happening still. Watch over all of us, we need you to right now. Memories of you will NEVER be forgotten, remember that. rip

  23. Megan Anderson says:

    Dunbar I miss you! You always had a smile on your face; & you were always fun to be with! Watch over us & keep smiling. You’ll never be forgotten; rest in peace.

  24. Amanda Mannion says:

    Will – You were a great man, huge heart, amazing soul and you had a stunning smile that could brighten anyones day no matter their mood. You will be missed by us all. I can’t even believe this, you didn’t deserve this. They say the good die young <3 I Love you, you will remain forever in my heart. Rest Easy <3

  25. Danielle McCarthy says:

    Dunbar I’m so sorry we didn’t mend the fences sooner. But I will never forget all of our moments. (no matter how wild and crazy we were) Your explanations for everything, the way you always made sure I was smiling when I was with you because you wouldn’t have it any other way. The way you used to comfort me and make me feel better is something no one else can ever do for me… <3 I know you're watching over everyone, they need you to help them through this. You definitely left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. I'll never forget you or anything about the time we had to share. and like you always used to say to me "I'll love you til the day I die." Rest Easy Willy Vanilly <3 I love you and I will miss you forever and a day, plus one. <3 til we meet again babe…

  26. Annette Harrington says:

    Will_SUNSHIIINEE i miss you so much life is ten times harder without my romeo<3 you always made me smile you always were right there to hold me when i was upset or calm me down when i was ''heating up'' as yu would call it.. I WILL NEVER EVER forget you i cant forget are in heart FOREVER AND ALWAYS. i am making you a promise, I PROMISE to watch over your little sister as if she is my own ilove your father and Marlaina i am going to help them out a much as i can ilove you babyboy. i miss you so much everyday gets closer to the day we will meet again<3 William A Dunbar you will be forever missed and loved always <3

  27. Robert Gear says:

    Will, haven’t seen you in 8 yrs being down in FLA I’ll always remember our last phone call two months ago and you being your happy funny self that you always were seeing you grow up you brought light to everyone you touched! I’ll miss you! Bill Sr. my best friend who I’ve know for over 30 yrs I’m here for ya in probably the hardest thing that anyone could possible go through! I love ya man and I’m just a phone call away anytime!

  28. Melissa Sutton says:

    Will, I know we weren’t the closest of friends but I will miss the little talks we would have and i will deff miss the way you use to make me laugh. You touched so many peoples lives with your kind witty personality. You had such a huge and caring heart. no one could ever be around you and not smile. you just had that way about you. You have no idea how greatly missed you already are. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. You will forever remain in the hearts of all who love you. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of your family and friends. Rest Easy Will. You will be forever loved and greatly missed. ?

  29. Joe Dillon says:

    Will dubs your gone but will not be forgotten you always made me laugh even when things were not so good im still in shock ill never get to see that smiling face again.. this has deff not been easy for me bro. Till we meety again one day i love and miss you man one love

  30. Elaine Paolucci says:

    Bill, I am so shocked and saddened to hear about Will! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It’s been a long time since I seen Will but I will never forget that sweet kid with the incredible smile!!

  31. Kaitlyn Munyon says:

    i didnt know you at all .. but rest in peace you will be missed by the people who were close to you !

  32. RG says:


    Memorial donations in Will’s name may be made to the William A. Dunbar Memorial Fund, c/o Eastern Bank, 370 Main St., Wilmington, MA 01887.

  33. Christopher Mathieson says:

    Will this is very hard for Me to deal with!! You are like a Brother to me. You looked out for me & helped me out in so many ways. You really are a good person inside and out, even better then that Will, you are a Great Soul !! I will always Remember all the times we would stay up at your house or even on the phone, just talking about life and personal things. It means even more to me because we are both Men and could cry to each other. No matter how sad or angry either of us were, we could always count on each other to put a smile on one anothers faces or a huge laugh!! Will you are & always will be my H.L.P. lol… I was at work and found out that you had left us all. I know for a fact you were looking down on me, hiding in my building crying for hours, even more when I got home. It felt like you were right next too me. I know if I could hear what you were saying to me, you would tell me to calm down, its ok, I’m still hear with you and every one else and not to worry. Like I said Will this is really hard for me. Just a few days befor you left us, My Daughter was born, you texted me asking me if she had been born yet and I told you yes. Then I told you I would call you in a little while. I’m sorry I never got the chance to return your call!! I was so busy with her and what not. I know you understand that, it just makes me sad because I know how excited you were to be an uncle!! I will never forget the look and smile on your face when Kristen & I stoped by when she was 8 months along. You looked at her belly and had the bigest smile I had ever seen on your face, I have known you and been around you for years and never saw you smile that big lol you were showin that 100 watt smile lol I know your in a better place now!! I will never look at this as a good by Will. I look at it more as an Ill see you later. When I do get up there, I’m coming to chill on your cloud :) !! I’m sorry that you didn’t get a chance to meet your Beautiful Neice Alisandra. When she’s old enough to understand you know I will tell her what a Great Guy Her Uncle William is!! Kristen, Alisandra & I love you very much with all our hearts!! You take care up there, you hear me!! You are always in our Hearts.. I just have one thing to ask befor I go! Will Please watch over Alisandra & Kristen for me. Protect them both from harm & evil when I’m not with them. Don’t worry about me Ill be ok.. Rest easy My Brother, I love you!! P.s. I’m gonna miss your big Man hugs, I wish I could have one right now lol Ill see you later!!

  34. Jacqueline LaFleur says:

    Will, a dear friend to all including me. Just the biggest teddybear I knew. Gave hugs and easy to talk to. Take care will. your family and friends all love you and will miss you dearly.

  35. Amanda Reis says:

    Will, cant believe you are gone, you didnt deserve this but the peace you have now you do deserve. you are a great person in and out and your smile will be something i will never forget and always miss about you. also your laugh and your big hugs. i will never forget you will. and god bless your family. take care and i will see you again someday will. <3 love you forever and always <3

  36. cynthia A Jokinen says:

    I am sorry you all lost Bill. May his memories hwelp to soothe your grief and pain. A Miom who cares!

  37. Veronica says:

    unbelievable =( when i heard about your passing i thought it was a cruel joke. I saw you on easter walking down wisser and i didnt even bother to stop and say hi i just beeped and kept going. I’ve known you since first grade, you were someone who was always in and out of my life and i really felt like it would be that way until we were old. I remember you used to steal my hot pink crayons =) and you used to go out of your way to walk me home from the bus. I never understood why you wanted to walk extra but i was grateful because i wasn’t lonely. I remember when i was pregnant you showed up at my house in billerica and you were just a terrible mess, i felt so bad for letting you leave that night in that condition, but i was so happy to see you were back to yourself not too long afterward. I remembered all the late nights when it was just us, and we talked and cried, thank you for all the memories. And thank you for not telling your dad it was me that broke the window =)~ I really don’t know how you kept yourself from screaming at me, but you didn’t. If you were mad about it, you didn’t show me. I will never forget that. You were such a loving person.
    I didn’t even get to go to your funeral, i don’t even know where your buried =( im so sorry will, really. My son remembers you. from the couple of times you guys met. He thought you were so silly. He liked you, but it’s hard not to like you.
    I still have your school ID, i stole it from you on one of the times you walked me home and somehow i still have it. I lost everything when my house on carter lane burned down, but this is one of the few things that survived, and im so happy that it did.
    Rest In The Sweetest Peace Will. I love you =(

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