Frank Gracia

December 9th, 2011
  Frank J. Gracia, age 87, of Wilmington, died peacefully surrounded by his family on December 8, 2011 at  Mass General Hospital in Boston.   Frank was born on October 5, 1924, in Boston, MA,  the son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth (Fria) Gracia.  He  was raised and educated in the Boston area, and his family settled in Dorchester when Frank was a child. He graduated from the Boston Trade High School, and soon after took a job as a dispatcher with the Gillette Company in South Boston.   Frank married his sweetheart Nora “Patsy” McLoughlin on April 21, 1956.  In 6 years (and 5 children later) Frank and Pat had established a family, raising that family in a marriage lasting over 55 years.  In 1968  Frank moved his family to Wilmington when his job at Gillette relocated to Andover.   Frank was an ever popular co-worker and friend to all he came to know.   Working part-time at Church Street Hardware, his customers became his friends, and their friends became his.   From his morning duties as a school crossing guard, to his faithful attendance at the Town Park for his sons’ softball games, it soon seemed all in town knew FO’G.  Where smiles and laughter congregated, Frank seemed always at its center.     With his marriage to Pat it wasn’t long before the “Irishman” in Frank O’ Gracia (FO’G)  blossomed.  Irish music became Frank’s music, and his popularity across the McLoughlin clan was ensured.   But Frank also grew to enjoy sports in the heyday of the fifties and its NY-based baseball team.  For someone else this may have been a problem, but even this transgression failed to make a dent in FOG’s popularity amongst the locals.   Frank  attended many baseball games, but he will always recount his and Pat’s attendance at the World Series and Don Larsen’s “perfect game” as his favorite baseball memory.   Frank will forever be remembered for the love and the pride he had in his family, his children, and grandchildren.  He loved being known as Grampy,  Dad, FOG, or just Frankie.   Frank Joseph Gracia was for the many who knew him the embodiment of a  ”people’s person”, from the time he arose each morning and went out to breakfast, until the evening he enoyed in laughter with friends around the kitchen table, and from the time he was born in 1924 until he left us on December 8, 2011.  For the many, many who knew and loved Frank, he will be greatly and forever missed.   Frank was the beloved husband of Nora “Pat” (McLoughlin) Gracia, devoted father of Paul M. Gracia & Kim Richardson of Chester, NH, Thomas F. Gracia & his wife Sandra Lee of Tewksbury, Michael J. Gracia & his wife Julie, Susan P. Davidson & her husband Bruce, and Nancy E. McMahon & her husband William all of Wilmington, loving “Grampy F. O.’G.” of Lindsay & Kyle Gracia, Michael, Teresa, & Daniel Gracia, Kayla, Jonathan, & Jillian Davidson, Kelli & Meghan McMahon, brother of the late John “Unc”, Dominic, and Paul Gracia, Mary Parker, and Agnes Davidson. Frank is also survived by nieces, nephews, and countless friends.   Family & friends will gather at the Nichols Funeral Home, Inc., 187 Middlesex Ave. (Rte. 62), Wilmington, on Monday, December 12th at 9:00 a.m. followed by a Funeral Mass in St. Thomas of Villanova Church, 126 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington at 10:00 a.m. Interment Wildwood Cemetery, Wilmington. Visiting hours Sunday, December 11th from 3-7 p.m. Memorial donations in Frank’s name may be made to the ALS Foundation, 315 Norwood Park South, 1st Floor, Norwood, MA 02062.

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  1. Steven Kennedy says:

    To the entire Gracia family,
    I am very sorry to learn of your loss. I have so many great memories of
    “Frankie” when we were growing up! Whenever you interacted with him, he left you smiling!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

  2. Bob Bessette says:

    Frankie had a passion for life that was unmatched. I was proud to call him my GodFather. Rest in Peace FOG. You will be missed by many.


  3. Kevin Brander says:

    Frankie was loved by everyone who knew him. We’ll all miss him dearly. I always felt a special joy being around him, from when I was in grade school to the end. He was one of a kind. Rest in peace, FOG.

  4. Michael Gracia says:

    Grampy you were the best grandfather anyone could have ever asked for. Every time you went anywhere you could light up the room, i’m so happy that you got to spend thanksgiving with us one last time. I know that you had a good time and everyone was so happy to have you there. I’ve never met anyone else like you in my life. You taught everyone how to fight and showed so much courage and strength, i never thought anyone could put up a fight as well as you did. You will always be missed by our whole family and i wont go a day for the rest of my life without thinking about you knowing that your always going to be watching over me.

    i love you so much grampy, rest easy

  5. Tom Natola says:

    Mike, Nancy, Gracia family and children,
    We are sorry to hear of the passing of your Father/Grandfather. Please accept our sincere condolences.
    Natola Family

  6. Nancy McMahon says:

    What else can I say…You were always #1! Everyone just loved being around you. You were SIMPLY THE BEST and as Nat King Cole sang…”UNFORGETTABLE, THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE!”
    We know you didnt want to leave us, but there came a time you just had to go. There will be an irreplacable void in our lives, but you gave us enough love, laughter and great memories to last forever. You couldn’t have been more loved, that’s for sure.
    All my love forever! Your #1 daughter, Nancy
    (sorry Sue but we will argue about this forever :) But I think we can agree that Dad was #1!

  7. Bill Svirsky says:

    Frank, tell you what…you roll the dice up there and tell me what you get. Then I’ll roll them down here and, of course, you’ll know what I get. And we’ll see how it goes. Won’t be the same without you. Rest esay. Your partner, Bill.

  8. Meghan McMahon says:

    Dear Grampy,
    you are everything to me. You are truly unforgettable. I’ll never forget some of the funny things you said to me, and each time I go outside I feel like you’re going to walk through the gate any second. You always could make me smile. You changed my life. I feel bad for those who had you a second less than I did, and I envy those who had you a second more. I will never forget you. I never got to see your reaction when I graduated, started driving, got married, or just became a woman. I know you will still watch me from Heaven though. I would do anything just to see you or hear you say a single syllable again. You ARE everything and I love you more than anyone could ever imagine. Rest in peace and enjoy the weather up there! I love you so much.
    P.S. Say hi to the big guy in the sky for me!
    Your (favorite) grandchild, Meghan

  9. Lill McLoughlin says:

    Frankie…to be sure, your in-laws are celebrating your arrival in heaven with your favorite Irish music. You were more Irish than most Irish I know.
    You will be sorely missed by all but will live forever in our hearts and in the great memories of family times we have all shared. Save us a place in heaven near you. Love you!

  10. Debbie, Fred, and Christine says:

    We are so sad. It was such a pleasure to know Frankie. Everytime we visited Nancy, Bill, Kelli and Meghan, Frankie and Pat came to say Hi. We will miss his enthusiasm for life that made us all smile and laugh. Our memories of Frankie will always be about happy times.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pat and all of the family.
    Love to you all.
    Debbie, Fred, and Christine

    Our only question is: Did he leave his tanning “secret” behind?

  11. Jillian Davidson says:

    You were the strongest person I’ve ever met! You gave it an amazing fight! I’m so thankful that I’ve grown up with you in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without you. You always had a way of keeping a smile on mine and everyones face. You taught me how to be strong, courageous, funny And kind. You were such a funny man! Every time I’m at your house or the mcmahons Keep expecting you to walk in. I miss you so much and I love you so so much. Watch over us . I love you <3

  12. Kelli McMahon says:

    Grampy Baby,
    I love you to the moon and back! It’s not fair that you’re gone, but now you’re at peace! I know you’re looking down on all of us!! You are such a fighter and no doubt the strongest man I know! Your smile can easily light up a room and you were always the life of any party! It still feels like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from.. You’d be so happy to see the whole family together! You literally have no eniemies, so many people have lost a loving grandfather, father, and friend. I’ll never forget all the special times we have shared.. Between scratch tickets and silly songs. I’m gonna miss seeing you walk through the gate into the backyard almost every day in the summer and having beers with my daddy! Our lives will never be the same without you, Grampy Baby! You have left a handprint on our heart! I love you forever and not a day less! I’ll miss you, Handsome<3

    I'll see you when I see you!!
    Love Always,
    Your Kelli Girl<3

  13. Eva Love says:

    To the Gracia Family,
    My deepest sympathy to the whole family, and may God hold you all in his arms and give you strenghth during this difficult times.

  14. Tom Mcloughlin says:

    Frank , The race is over and you took first prize. Laughter is your legacy. The Gracia 4th of July parties were always a delight. All of us [the entire Gracia umbrella of friend and relatives] will always have happy memories of your laughter and exuberant spirit. Go with God and spirit a little more laughter into all our lives We’ll miss you Tom &Sue

  15. Lindsay says:

    How’s the wi-fi in heaven? Wow I must admit…perhaps I willingly forgot this somewhere along the line, but I did not know until reading the online obituary today that you were a New York baseball fan. It’s ok, we’ve all got our faults- but otherwise I would have called you perfect. I also kinda forgot that Grammy’s real name is Nora- I had an “ohhh, right” moment today. But if someone asked me a few days ago I would have said Patsy. While I wish all this didn’t come at the cost of your death, I felt a revitalized connection with the Gracia family today. I’m so happy that you are head of this big household. I could tell a couple weeks ago that the being sick thing was becoming a pain in the ass for you- it didn’t seem to scare you, though. It was just an annoyance. You were ready to get back to having fun and I’m sure you are now happily waiting at the other side. At the same time, I still think you’re here and everywhere. I didn’t know you had already passed on Friday morning when I woke up to the most beautiful, beaming red morning light- nice work.
    It’s crazy to watch (and be among) all your grandkids growing up. We are all emerging as such unique individuals- it’s exciting to see the array of different paths beginning to take shape. But, we all share the same love for you and Grammy. It’s one thing that will always keep us close and more the same than we will ever be different. I wish you could have spent the holidays with us this year, but I think it will be one of our closest Christmases yet. Rest assured, you will be at the forefront of our hearts and thoughts. I’ll miss the scratch tickets. I remember winning $100 from a scratch ticket on Christmas day when I was six years old. It was over at Michael and Julie’s. I even remember where I was standing because I thought it was the greatest thing in the world- the feeling was probably the adult equivalent of winning powerball. To a six year old, one hundred dollars is a LOT of money. So I don’t have many memories from age six, but thank you for providing such a thrilling one. Based on how many scratch tickets you gave out over the years and the box of losers I saw in your basement today, I’m certain more money was spent than won. But you knew money wasn’t really what it was about. There was just something cool about the suspense, handing out the coins, and finding out who the winners of the year were. As I recall, last Christmas was a big loss for the Gracia family with the scratch tickets…like, really pathetic. In the lottery of one’s unchosen family tree, however, we all hit the jackpot in having you as a grandfather, father, and in-law. And that’s infinitely more valuable.
    In the past day, I continue imagining your laugh and can hear it so clearly. You had such a deep, kinda raspy, unrestrained laugh- one of the most genuine I’ve ever heard. I cannot silently hear anyone else’s so well. You were always effortlessly happy and it was infectious. Happiness was what you wanted for your family. So excuse the occasional sadness for the next couple days as I and the rest of your grandchildren grasp the end of this chapter here with you, but we will all proudly carry on with this life in the spirit of FOG- full joyfulness and enjoyment. And it’s ok if you are not living in Red Sox Nation because you established FOG Country.

    Love you always,


  16. Michelle, Andre & family says:

    The State Street family will dearly miss you Frank. Your presence here was always felt. From you driving in and out of the street, always giving a wave or stopping for a quick chat and a laugh as you were headed to get that morning coffee and newspaper. To seeing you out sitting with your shirt off to catch those last rays of the summer sun. You never missed anything new happening on the street. You would give kids ice cream or tell them silly jokes. It was a pleasure to live next to you!
    You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

  17. Steve Welch says:

    Patsy and all of the Gracia family,
    I am very sorry for the loss of Frankie, what a guy.
    I considered Frankie as more than a friends father, but as a good friend.
    He will be missed.

  18. ree Keogan says:

    State Street Frankie will miss you awfull; my fridge will have a few more beers in it but would gladly give up to be able to sit with you one more time. I am so proud to call you one of my dearest best friends; we certaintly have had our share of memories over the years; even you making jokes at Patsy and mine exspense always calling us the two Sisters( Nora n Cora) . I hope St Peter had a cold one waiting for you; take care my Friend <3 Ree-Ree after dark.

  19. The Whytes says:

    Uncle Frank loved the sun but hated Mayflower Beach. We have so many memories from our vacations down the cape and feel so furtunate to have them now. One funny memory is when Frank sat on the styrofoam cooler at the end of the boardwalk because he was tired of all the walking to get into the beach and the cooler collapsed under him sending all the beers that were in the cooler into the sand. You will be missed so much by so many but the memories will last forever. We feel so very furtunate for having had you in our lives. We will always have a styrofoam cooler down the cape with us on vacations from now on. We all love you and will always remember you.

    All our love,

    The Whytes

  20. Marie Davidson Sheehan & Family says:

    Dear Aunt & Family,

    I will always have fond memories of my Uncle Frank who was always such a sweetheart to all of us cousins. Thank you so much for doing the ALS Foundation, it shows what a wonderful and loving family you all are!! I know Uncle Frankie is with God and at peace.

  21. Joe Hughes says:

    Frank thanks for tons of memories. From Gilette outings, babysitting your gang at Leroy street, confiding in me that a certain Tim was not someone to worry about, 4th of July parties where everyone felt not only welcomed but actually part of the family,weddings, numerous beers and always lots of conversation. Now that you are in Heaven and get the bigger view of things down here.. the Red Sox really need your help and I will not be bashfull asking you to help with a clutch hit.

  22. Theresa Palmer says:

    Uncle Frank thank you so much for being the best godfather a girl could ask for. I do not know if you ever realized how much you were there for me when my father could not be. My dance with you at my wedding made me smile when I thought I would be in tears. You had such a special quality for making people feel at ease when in your presence. You were an amazing person and a gift to all that knew you. Thank you for making people in your life feel so special and thanks for all the laughs. Now you can rest in peace in heaven. I am sure my dad will have a few italian jokes to share with you and of course a ball and a beer. Love you! Your favorite goddaughter, Theresa

  23. Val Nelsen says:

    My sympathies to Frank’s wonderful family. I met Frank and all of you at the Cape last August. It was a marvelous day, and I will never forget the love and happiness I saw in Frank, and the way everyone adored him. I did, too. I wish we could all have enjoyed him longer. Frank, I will never eat steamers without thinking of you!

  24. Charlene Bourque says:

    Nancy and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Charlene

  25. Tom Bessette says:


    You were the best. Always upbeat and fun to be around; that was a special quality. I will miss our whist games with you, Bobby and your three great sons. Rest in peace.

    Love Tommy

  26. Nancy Acquavia says:

    Frankie, we will all miss you somuch, you and Patsy did a wonderful job raising a great family, that I am proud to call my good friends! You will always be in our hearts!

    Love, Nancy Dave and Matt

  27. Patty Terrell says:

    Our thoughts are with all the gracias at this sad time. Frankie was such a great fun uncle that always made me smile. I truly don’t ever remember seeing him without a big smile and a big hug for all of us. Great memories of July 4 th parties with the whole family. That pool seemed so huge to me as a kid. And how many people did we fit in there ? 50? thanks for all the great get togethers you will truly be missed. I’m sure my dad was waiting for you with a cold can of schlitz and a funny comment.
    Love you, rest in peace

  28. Donna McCormack says:

    Dear Uncle Frank,

    Thank you for your generosity and love of life. I remember the forth of July parties growing up as a wonderful family memory. Our family of 12 was not invited to many celebrations as fun as that day. I always remember looking forward to the 4th of July and getting to swim in your pool. I would stay in that pool all day until we had to get out for the family picture at the end of the day and my eyes would be sooo blood shot I could barely see. You always knew how to make everybody feel welcome and make them laugh as well. I love to read these wonderful stories from your grandchildren. It sounds like you were a marvelous part of their lives. I never knew either of my grandfathers, they both passed before I was born, your grandchildren were so blessed to have you be such a big part of their lives. You were definitely a gift that we all were blessed enough to receive.

  29. Fred and Kate Ryan says:

    Nancy and Family,
    Our thoughts are with your whole family during this time to say goodbye to your father and grandfather – celebrate his wonderful life through your tears and laughter and remember that he will be watching over all of you with love.

  30. Dan McLoughlin says:

    Uncle Frank,

    I simply can’t play a game of bags (the modern-day jarts) without thinking of you. Your good cheer, warm spirit, generosity and full-bodied laugh will be missed by all.

    I’m saddened that my children will never get to know you as I did, but heartened there are so many fond memories and happy stories to share with them.

    Rest in peace.

  31. Fran Kearney says:

    Pat and family: I am so sorry for your loss. I have such fond memories of you all at the 4th of July parties — and Frankie was always front and center. I hope you take some consolation knowing that Frankie is home for Christmas. Love, Fran

  32. Fran Kearney says:

    Pat and family: i am so sorry for your loss. I have such fond memories of you all at the 4th of July parties, and Frankie was always front and center, as he was at every event. I know you will miss him terribly, but hope you take comfort knowing that Frankie is home for Christmas. Love, Fran

  33. Christine Hulley says:

    I have read through each and every one of the entries here and it is so very obvious that Frank will live on for a very, very long time through each person’s life that he touched. What better legacy for a person to leave behind than to make people remember the love and laughter that you brought into their lives. Keep ‘em laughin’ in heaven, Uncle Frank. Love, your Goddaughter, Christine.

  34. Linda (Svirsky) Thomson & Family says:

    Uncle Frank,
    Just thinking about you makes me smile. I remember when I was a kid attending one of the infamous O’Gracia July 4th parties, I went with you to the store to pick up some forgotten item. What should have been a quick trip took forever because we stopped to say to hi to what seemed like dozens of people. I thought, “Uncle Frank must know every person who lives in Wilmington!”
    You might not have known everyone in Wilmington, but you definitely touched the lives of so many people who will remember you with love in their hearts and a smile on their lips.
    With love, your niece,

  35. Sandra Lee a.k.a. The Lounger says:

    Dear Frankie Baaaaaby,

    These past few days put more wrinkles on my face than you ever had! However; I’ll take each one and cherish them like all the fond memories I have of you. Love ya…”you know that!”

    Forever in my heart,
    your #1 daughter-in-law oxoxox

    (The one who rescued F.O’G from son #3, also known as Frankie Jr.)!
    Lucky me?? YOU BET. I won the lottery marrying into the Gracia family.

  36. Betty Davidson Hansen and Family says:

    Aunt Pat, & Family
    Our thoughts are with you and your whole family during this very sad time.
    I have so many memories of my favorite Uncle & Godfather that I will cherish forever.
    I will never let a day go by without thinking of you. You will always be in my heart forever.
    I am prould to be a part of a great family.
    Uncle Frankie when our daughter Susan leaves us to be with God please watch over her untill we get there to be with her.
    Thank you everyone for doing the A.L.S. Foundation. For his Great neice Susan.

    You were the best, I love you always xoxo
    Rest in Peace Betty & Rick & family

  37. Teresa Gracia says:

    Grampy babby<3

    i hope you had an amazing christmas. We had a goood one but it was a little hard without you there. Kayla made an outstanding slideshow of you. it made all of us so sad. Seeing pictures of me and you made me ball crying (and kelli). We love you and always will. Grammys being so strong for all of us. Remeber the times you would make fun of meghan. hahaha goodtimes(: i still keep that up for . love you so much TT<3 xoxoxo :-* always in our hearts. <333333

  38. Brenda Carpenter says:

    Dear Tom and family, I am sorry it took me so long to write on this page but I didn’t know about it being up here in Vermont. Please know our hearts go out to all of you. Even though I didn’t know Franky that well, I can really appreciate the beers he always offered me whether it was at Sandra and Tom’s wedding MANY years ago or more recently at his house after stopping by on our way home from our beloved Fenway with Tom. I will always remember Franky because he has one of the greatest sons in the world and I know Tom is who he is, because of him. We always appreciated the free razors we got too. May the happy memories help you through the days and years ahead. Much love to Tom, the lounger and the rest of the Gracia family. Brenda, Randy and Landon Carpenter~ The Vermonters

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