Mary T. “Mimi” (Smith) Foley

April 26th, 2014

Mary T. “Mimi” (Smith) Foley, age 85, a life-long resident of Wilmington, passed away peacefully on April 26, 2014 at the Sawtelle Family Hospice House in Reading.  Beloved wife of the late George A. “Sonny” Foley, lovi ng mother of Sharon Tildsley & her husband Sid of Wilmington, Mark Foley of Wilmington, Dennis Foley & his wife Dee of Merrimack, NH and Donna Reardon of Wilmington, cherished “Mimi” of Brian Tildsley & hi s wife Erica, Kevin Tildsley & his wife Maureen all of Billerica, Ja son Tildsley & his wife Leah, Kellee Tildsley al l of Andover, Matthew, Megan & Brittani Foley all of New Hampshire, and Jessica, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Julia Rose, Joshua & Jonathan Foley all of California, Great “Mimi” of Tayla , Sidney, James, Brian “Sonny” & Giana Mary Tildsley and Jaxon Foley, daughter of the late Harold and Flora (Brabant) Smith, dear s ister of the late Paul Smith & Evangeline Murray.  Mary is also survived by many nieces, nephews and good friends.

Family and friends will gather at the Nichols Funeral Home, 187 Middlesex Ave, (Rt . 62), Wilmington, for a funeral on Tues day, April 29 th , at 9:00 a.m. followed by a Funeral Mass at St. Thomas of Villanova Church, 126 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington, at 10:00 a.m.  Interment to follow in Wildwood Cemetery .   Visiting hours will be held Mon day, April 28 th , from 4-8 p.m.  Memorial donations in Mary ’s name can be made to the Catholic Charities , 51 Sleeper St., Boston, MA  02210.


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  1. tayla tildsley says:

    Dear Mimi,
    I miss you so much and I always will.I know you would want us all to happy not sad,because you are now in a better place and we all know that.I remember all the times we would bake and you would not have the right ingredients but still made it any ways and then fed it to Toto.And I will always remember the times we used to drive out to lunch and you asked me where I wanted to go and I always said Friendlys and you would yell at me and tell me how much you didn’t like “that place”but take me any ways.I always danced and sang for you,but I only wish I could have danced for you one last time. I love you so so so much and I know you are still with me and watching over me even though you are gone. With all my love,
    Little Tayla

  2. Catherine Norton says:

    Tayla, that was a very beautiful tribute you wrote to your Mimi. You always made her so, so happy whenever you spent time with her. She was VERY, VERY, VERY PROUD of you, your brothers and your cousins…your mom and dad and aunts and uncles, too. She loved telling stories about all of you and showing us your pictures. She’s a very lucky Mimi to have such a beautiful family that loves her so much, and we’re all lucky that she’s a part of our family, too…she’s my Great-Auntie Mary, and I will miss her, too. love, Cathy

  3. Debbie Connell Doucette says:

    Sharon, Mark, Dennis & Donna,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Since hearing of your Mom’s passing my childhood has been passing through my mind. So many wonderful, fun memories. So many stories to tell that I wouldn’t know where to begin.
    Mary Foley was certainly a remarkable woman. So full of love and life.
    She was a second mother to our family. She was so loved and will be so missed.
    Thoughts and prayers,
    Debbie Connell Doucette

  4. Sid Tildsley says:

    I came into Mimi’s life when I was 17. I’m now 60. I grew up with her. I fell in love with her daughter while getting to know the Foley family. Mimi was like a mother to me. Her and Sonny kept tight reins on us while we were going out. We would go out on dates and had to take either Dennis or Mark with us. Mimi’s rule…..

    When we got married and had our 4 children Mimi was always there to help us. My children were a main part of her life. They are deeply effected by her death. She will live forever in our hearts and memories.

    I will miss her so much………

  5. Larry Gallagher says:

    To all Mary’s children, grandchildren and countless friends, I am so sorry for your loss…our loss. Mary (Smith) Foley was born with an extraordinarily huge heart….a heart that had an immense capacity for love and caring. What is the capacity for love, in all the ways in which love and caring are expressed in a single lifetime? I don’t know, but I do know that the heart has boundless capacity for caring simply because I was the fortunate recipient of this very special woman’s care for most of my adolescence…as were most of my friends from Parker St. Mary’s first love was her lifelong love and husband George (Sonny) Foley, followed by her four children ….Sharon, Mark, Dennis and Donna. Mary had her hands full with her own brood, but that didn’t stop her from extending kindnesses to every single kid in the neighborhood. The Foley’s and their neighbors the Connell’s backyard became the neighborhood’s park. Kids from the entire neighborhood spent countless day’s and evenings congregating and playing in their back yard…. playing ball, swimming in their pool, attending countless cook outs, but mostly just hanging out. Mary and her inseparable friend and neighbor Marge Connell (another extraordinary woman) organized outings and theatrical plays, (The Wizard of Oz) that we would act out in their back yard, complete with stage sets and costumes. My mother, with six of her own, and working the night shift as a nurse, was always grateful to Mary Foley for the time and caring she extended to me, my sister, my younger brother…and half the kids in the neighborhood! I grew up in Mary Foley’s back yard, and if you found yourself snoozing on a summer’s day too close to Mary’s kitchen window, you might be awakened from a stream of water that Mary would gleefully launch from her kitchen window…..because above all else, Mary loved to laugh and she loved to have fun. She was not your typical mom from the neighborhood… she was a bit mischievous and adventurous, and we loved it. I offer two examples from the teenage years….Mary helped us get our drivers license, she would sit alongside us as we drove her car with only our learner’s permit when no right minded adult, aside from a reluctant parent, would dare do so. When I was 16 she would drive me to visit a girlfriend that was babysitting (no boyfriends allowed) at some distant home and that was to be our secret, which I am now revealing. She was, to use a descriptor from the 60’s, “cool”….“very cool”. And she was dearly loved by so many in her vast extended family. I’m now 59 and I’m certain there are generations that followed (including much loved grandchildren) that have similar stories to share…about Mary’s generous laughter, her mischievous smile, and her endless capacity for love and caring. She was so very special, so unique, and she will be missed forever and ever.

  6. Ryan Tildsley says:

    As long as I can remember Mimi Foley was always a very nice and caring woman. Growing up in Wilmington and hanging out with my cousins Brian, Kevin, Jason and Kellee I thought of Mimi as a grandmother of my own. I cherish the memories of Mimi, Sonny, Papa and Nana. I wish I could see them all one last time but I know they are all watching over us now. With love…Ryan, Suzanne & Logan Tildsley.

  7. Kerri Scifo St. Onge says:

    I have so many fond memories of Mimi. She was a loving, beautiful, great woman. She will be greatly missed. Love to all the Foley and Tildsley family.

  8. Sid Tildsley says:

    I loved my mom, as I’m sure everyone that will be at her funeral today did, and those that are not able to make it. And weather you called her your wife like only Sonny Foley could. Or you called her Mom like me, Sharon & Sid, Dennis and Dee, and Donna did. Or you called her Mary like Auntie Jeanie, Jim & Kathy, Marty & Carol, and all her friends and relatives did. Or Auntie Mary like Cheryl and all our cousins. Or Mary Foley like Marge and her family, All the Casey boys & girls and everyone from the neighborhood did. Or if you called her beloved Mimi like Brian & Erica, Kevin & Maureen, Jason & Leah, Kellee, and their beautiful children; especially Taylor, Sidney, James , and of course Dennis’ children, Uncle Marty’s children, Uncle Jimmy’s children, and my children; except Jacqueline who said : no, her name is grammy, no matter how much Uncle Brian tried to get her to say mimi. But whatever we called her, we loved her because she made us feel loved. She always had time, and was always concerned with what we were going through. She taught many of us how to swim, drive, play together, and be a parent; but mostly she taught us to be nice to people. It’s like she had so much love in that little heart of hers, that there was plenty to go around. I’m going to miss her, as I am sure we all are. After Sidney called yesterday with the news, I began to think about all she did for me in the early years of my life, and all the fun we had together. Then I remembered when Sid and his wonderful family came into our lives. She loved Sids mom & dad, Jim & Clair, and especially got a kick out of Marty’s practical jokes. She felt the same way about the Casey boys, which is one of the reasons she loved them so much. Especially Paul. People put a lot of value on a lot of different things in this world, but my mom valued people. And if friendship was wealth, she was a millionaire. Yesterday at Jacqueline’s track meet we took a picture of all the kids and the first thing I said was Mimi is gonna love this picture; and then it hit me. She was gone, and wasn’t going to see it. And even though there is going to be a void in my life as I’m sure there will be in many others now that she’s gone, I am going to think of her in a better place. Since our dads been gone, it’s been hard for her. I thank God for Sid, Dennis, Donna for being there for her, but especially Sharon. She would call her every day, take care of all her needs, Always bring Brian’s children over to see her which was the joy of her life. Every day Sharon would call, the first words out of moms mouth were: is Taylor with you? What’s Taylor doing? Where are the boys? Are they wrestling? So thank you Sharon. I love you. I’m so grateful to be with my brother and sisters in this time of grieving, but she is in a better place. She kept saying that she’s the only one left, but not anymore. She’s back with Sonny, Her mom and dad- Grammy and Grampy Smith, Mams and Bamps, Paul and Ruthy ( and brother ) George & betty, Squeeky, all the murals, Babines, our dads family . They’re probably having a party again like when they shut down Laural Ave. I’m gonna miss you mom, but I guess our loss is Heavens gain. God bless you! You will be missed!!!!!

  9. Marty Tildsley Jr says:

    Mimi was a great lady who will be missed by all who knew her. Her and Sonny made a great pair. Growing up it was a sure thing that Mimi would have Christmas gifts for brother and I. Mimi treated us like we were her grandchildren as well. God bless you Mimi and I’m sure Sonny is waiting for you! Love Marty, Marlene, and Danny

  10. Jay Tildsley says:

    Dear Mimi,
    Well old lady the time finally came. You and I never thought it would happen… I held you one week ago and we both said how lucky we were to have each other. You are truly my hero… A woman with so much love and happiness, a woman who would laugh and joke all the time, that was you Mimi. I honestly can say I don’t think you ever had a bad day. You were an inspiration to me; I hope one day I can only touch as many lives as you did. I thought of you as the Matriarch of this family. There wasn’t a day that went by that you would not take my call. Even if I tried to “fool” with you and disguise my voice when calling. You would just say, “Jason I know it’s you I’m going to hang up” and you never would, you would just keep listening. I hold you in the dearest place in my heart. I want to instill your same way of life in my daughter, Giana Mary. With a heavy heart and heaps of sadness, I must believe you are truly in a better place. The love you gave me will never be forgotten and your spirit will live forever. I can’t wait to tell my daughter all of the stories of my “Mimi”. Your Giana Mary is still tap dancing around with her Momma’s shoes on… I just hope you can look down and see her grow up. My hero is gone…but never ever will she be forgotten. I love you!
    Jay and Leah and Giana Mary

  11. Williams family says:

    Condolences to the Foley family. May Jehovah the “God of Comfort” bring you comfort and peace at this difficult time (2 Corinthians 1:3 & 4). Your family are in our prayers.

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