Gregory Wright

April 7th, 2020

Gregory Wright of Wilmington, Massachusetts succumbed to a brief but virulent bout of cancer on April 3rd, 2020 at Mass General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, surrounded by those he loved.

Greg was 47 years old.

That was the worst.

Everything before was the best.

Greg Wright was born on January 15th, 1973 at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, Massachusetts to Amelia and Donald Wright who raised him with all the love any parents could muster.

Greg has two younger brothers barely worth mentioning.

Greg grew up in Methuen, Massachusetts amongst a multitude of great friends he kept until the end: Joe, Forge, Brian, Mike, and about 15 Daves.

Greg married Deanna Joyce DeMattia on September 23, 2000, because she is smart, kind, no-nonsense, and tough as nails. They were married in Medford, Massachusetts at the First Community United Methodist, a strange little church where people are actually kind to one another.

Greg and Deanna have two children, Maddie and Ben.
Maddie is intelligent, driven, loves the theater, utilizes sound equipment for the noble purpose of quelling civil unrest and always, always, always makes her father proud.
Ben follows in his father’s footsteps with his kind heart, his love of movies, and his prodigious ability to research, develop, and build with 3D pens, 3D printers, Legos, and undoubtedly whatever cutting-edge technology the future holds.

Imbuing Maddie and Ben with his sarcastic sense of humor was Greg’s proudest achievement.

Greg graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from UMass Lowell in 1995 and worked in R&D for Venture Tape then 3M before “going to the dark side” and working for MPI Release, researching and developing whatever the opposite of tape is.

Greg lived in Wilmington, Massachusetts in a gorgeous house with a gorgeous yard in a gorgeous neighborhood surrounded by wonderful neighbors whom he loved.

Greg loved Sunday night dinners at the Wright house, Tuesday night dinners with the DeMattias, sarcasm, movies (‘The Holy Grail’ was his favorite), books(Spenser Novels), and comic books (ahem…sorry, graphic novels). Deanna shall honor Greg’s profound geekiness by constructing a thirty-foot high monument out of the comic book boxes stored in the basement. Ben will no doubt be instrumental in its construction.

Greg is survived by his wife Deanna and their children, Madison and Benjamin; his parents, Donald and Amelia (Bettano) Wright; his two brothers, Ryan, and Kevin and his wife Melissa and their children Mason and Lucy; his mother-in-law, Pamela DeMattia; his sister-in-law Stephanie and her husband Ralph Francis, and their children Lillia and Reverie; Grammie (Barbara) and MeMe (Jeanette); his father-in-law Ernest DeMattia; his sister-in-law Stephanie and her husband Scott Merrill, their children Cheyanne, Nick, and Peyton; his brother-in-law Ernest DeMattia.

There will be a service for Greg, but there’s a zero percent chance you’re invited because he decided to pull this smack-dab in the middle of the worst plague outbreak since 1918.

He will be interred at Wildwood Cemetery, 233 Middlesex Ave, Wilmington MA.

Informational requests can be made at Nichols Funeral Home 187 Middlesex Ave, Wilmington MA: (978)658-4744.

There will be a gathering in his honor at a later date.

It will be a total rager.

Quotes that Greg loved and frequently plagiarized:

—“There are three types of people the world does not understand: madmen, geniuses, and people who mumble.”

—“It’s chaos, panic, and disorder…my work here is done.”


64 Entries in Guest Book for “Gregory Wright”

  1. James Hart says:

    My sincerest condolences to Greg’s family and friend. He was an excellent scientist, business person, and told great stories about his family. His obituary captured his flare. He will be sorely missed.

  2. James Hart says:

    My sincerest condolences to Greg’s family and friends. He was an excellent scientist, business person, and told great stories about his family. He will be sorely missed.

  3. Michelle Airey says:

    I am deeply saddened by Greg’s passing. Having worked with him the past 3 years at MPI I grew to know his intelligence, sense of humor and dedication. He will be missed by all at MPI and our 8:30 morning meetings won’t be the same with his chair empty .

  4. Peter Decaneas says:

    I knew Greg as a former co-worker at MPI so I was shocked to learn of his passing. Everyone close to him has lost an amazing guy. To Greg’s family my sincere condolences. Keep your memories of him forever eternal as you all heal slowly from this tragic loss. Life to all of you. Remember Greg through all of your fond memories and his kindness.

  5. Lahcen Khiyaty says:

    It has taken me a while to do this and to register it in my mind that we lost a dear friend. Greg you were more than a coworker and more than my boss, you were my dear friend. you made a huge difference not on my life only but on lots of us here at MPI. I really enjoyed working with you, and our business trips together. I enjoyed the stories we had about our professors at UMass, stories about your kids and stories about some friends that we both know. You were a fabulous listener that made every one smile. you knew how to listen and give advises. I will miss you, miss working with you and miss seeing you in your office next to mine.
    Rest in Peace My Friend.
    To Deanna, Maddie, Ben, the entire family, my deepest condolences

  6. Martha Schwope says:

    I didn’t know Greg, but his passing breaks my heart for our family.

  7. Tricia & Anthony Voner says:

    So sorry for your loss! Greg sounded like quite the man, husband, father, son, brother and friend to all who knew him! He leaves quite a legacy to follow with his awesome interests! Prayers for the family! Greg will be sorely missed!

  8. Shawn Danahy M.F.D. says:

    We are very sorry to here about your brother.You are in our prayers.

    Shawn M.F.D. and Faith Danahy

  9. Liz Harriman says:

    Such a huge and sudden loss – my heart goes out to you, Deanna, Maddie and Ben. And what a wonderfully appropriate obituary, mixing laughter with tears. Sending up prayers for you all.

  10. Tom & Gail Ollila says:

    Deanna, so sorry to hear about your loss. We did not know Greg, but he certainly sounds like a wonderful man and will be missed by all of his many friends and family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Maddie and Ben. May Greg’s spirit live on in your hearts and minds. It seems certain that he will be fondly remembered as evident by the positive impact he had on his friends and family during his unfortunately shortened lifetime. Sincerely, Tom & Gail

  11. Robert Dalton says:

    I only met Greg twice and it was work related both times but I would like to extend my deepest condolences to his family. He was a great guy and a class act. He will be missed by everyone he met in his life. He was a tremendous help to me at Worthen Industries where we use his films.

  12. Jeffrey Gagnon says:

    Greg, RIP
    So sad to hear this news only yesterday. Way too young, way to much left.
    Condolences to all, cherish the memories and the love.
    RIP my friend

  13. Jeffrey Gagnon says:

    Greg, RIP
    So saddened to hear this news only yesterday. Way too young with too much more to do.
    Condolences to his family and close friends and those at MPI.
    Cherish the moments and memories
    RIP my friend

  14. Jamil Hadla says:

    I am deeply saddened by this news. I met Greg and it was work related, and I am glad I did. He was so kind, helpful and very considerate. He made sure he did all he could to help solve some the issues we were working on.
    My condolences to his family, friends and those at MPI.

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